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On December 16, the Shenzhen Autumn Tea Expo kicked off at the Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian). The weather vane of the global tea industry, the World Tea Carnival. The 5-day exhibition attracted many new and old friends to go to the state of Yuncha tea and everyone's annual tea appointment, and gathered around the table to enjoy good tea. Let us review the highlights of this event together and add footnotes to the memories of the future.



Part 1

Advertising matrix to create high-end Pu'er tea brand

This Shenzhen Tea Expo is the thirteenth consecutive year of Yuncha State's meeting with tea friends, starting from the first Shenzhen Tea Expo held by Hua Juchen in 2008. At the same time, this year is also the 16th year of the brand's development. We have completed the upstream construction of the industrial chain. Next, we will focus on the construction of midstream channels and sinking terminal markets. This tea expo teamed up with Hua Juchen to create a multimedia matrix for advertising, and put poster advertisements in the elevators, entrances and exits, parking lot gates, etc. in major communities and high-end office buildings in Shenzhen before the exhibition; The generated QR code ticket displays the advertisement screen synchronously; during the exhibition, the glass curtain wall at the entrance and exit of the audience and the hanging flag above the booth are all synchronized with the advertisement screen. Form a media matrix for this round of advertising to expand the visibility and influence inside and outside the industry.

Part 2

Zi Xiangjing won the "Gold Award" again

On the morning of the 16th, the award ceremony of the "China Tea Cup" International Dingcheng Tea King Competition Autumn Competition was grandly held. This competition has been upgraded in an all-round way, with 344 companies from 17 major tea-producing provinces (municipalities and autonomous prefectures) in the country, and a total of 600 tea samples were received for review, which is unprecedented in scale. At the same time, the event is known as the "Chinese Tea Oscar" and is also the most professional and high-profile event in the tea industry. And Zi Xiangjing stood out among the many participating tea products, and once again conquered the taste buds of the professional judges with its unique quality. This is another affirmation for Zi Xiangjing. It also strengthens our confidence in bringing you more high-quality tea.

Part 3

New and old tea lovers gathered at the booth and became very popular

The annual Autumn Tea Expo is an annual tea appointment with old and new friends. In order to welcome everyone's presence, our booth has been newly upgraded, the booth area has been expanded, and the brand vision has been newly upgraded. The 5-day tea expo was full of seats. The aroma of tea permeates the banquet, and old tea and new tea are brewed in turn to satisfy the different preferences of tea lovers. In order to welcome the strong support and love of old and new friends for us, this tea expo has made multiple preferential activities to give back to everyone, hoping that at the end of this year, everyone can bring good tea home. At the exhibition site, there was a buying spree.


Part 4

Airborne Tea Expo Fan Day Live Room

During the development period, the epidemic rebounded in many places in China. We temporarily set up a live video room, hoping that those who are inconvenient to come to the exhibition can make tea appointments with us online, share the live news of the exhibition, and the most important thing is to share the benefits of tea purchases online. Colleagues take turns to sit on the anchor station and chat with you constantly. We distribute benefits from time to time for each live broadcast. The number of people in the live broadcast room is also rising, and the number of likes is also scrolling all over the screen.


Part 5

Many media at the exhibition site came to interview

The founder of Yuncha State, Mr. Zhai Shichao, has been in the tea industry for more than ten years. He has been adhering to the concept of "hard-working and conscientious tea making", and spared no effort to promote Yunnan Pu'er tea. . And behind this is also the hope to improve the lives of the people in the tea area and realize the aspiration of local tea farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. At the exhibition site, many media came to interview Mr. Zhai, and he gave a detailed introduction and answers to relevant questions.

The Autumn Tea Expo has come to a successful conclusion. The new tea appointment is expected to make people look forward to it, let us meet at the Spring Tea Expo next year. Thanks again for your strong support at the exhibition site and the live video room. We will continue to work hard with this strength, and always insist on producing "high-demand, high-standard, high-quality" tea products.

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