Yunchazhibang | The story of Founder Zhai Shichao

Zhai's ancestors lived on tea and passed down the rites. Zhai Shichao spent more than 10 years visiting major tea mountains in Yunnan, searching for old tea trees, visiting old tea teachers and learning old crafts.

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Tea's Journey | Follow a leaf to explore Lincang

The ancient tea grass floating on the north loop line has been tempered by heaven, earth and people, nourishing the years of generation after generation.

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A leaf supports the blue sky of poverty alleviation

Daxueshan Mountain with an altitude of nearly 2000 meters is famous for tea, and the fate and life of poor mountain people are reborn because of tea. All this is inseparable from the feelings and aspirations of Shenzhen tea merchant Zhai Shichao.

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"Rare treasures" in the depths of the snow mountain

In primitive time, ancient tea trees that have been scarce for thousands of years and ancient tea gardens have been bred, and the content of trace elements in ancient tea trees is quite high after hundreds of years of growth.

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Fairly Good Ecological Environment

The core base at the foot of the Daxueshan Mountain


Excellent Raw Materials

190,000 ancient tea trees, thousands of acres of ancient tea gardens


Sophisticated Production Technology

Inheritance of ancient methods, craftsmanship



3 primary factories and 1 refining factory



Tasteing mellow, making mouth sweet after taste.

At the Shenzhen Tea Competition, Zixiangjing won the gold award for Pu'er tea.

At the "World Tea Tasting Conference—World Tea Expo", Zixiangjing Pu'er tea won the gold award.

At the Shenzhen (International) Tea Expo, "Zixiangjing" won the gold award for Pu'er tea.

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The tea has unique fragrance,

 tasting strong and sweet.

At the Dongguan (International Tea Culture Expo, "Lanshizhai" won the gold award for Pu'er tea.

At the "World Tea Tasting Conference-World Tea Expo", Lanshizhai won the gold award.

At the Shenzhen Tea Competition,  Lanshizhai won the silver award for Pu'er tea.

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Work hard and make good tea

Based on Yunnan tea production area, select high-quality ancient tree Pu'er tea raw materials, concentrate on researching Yunnan tea production process, build a multi-category system of cloud tea products, and provide the market with a healthy and clean cup of Yunnan tea.

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400 110 3366

Yunchazhibang (Shenzhen) Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Experience Center: No. 17, Cuilinghuating, No. 3 New District Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Factory: No. 287, Laojie Village, Boshang Town, Lincang, Yunnan

Ancient Tea Manor: Dapingzhang Village, Daxueshan Town, Yongde County, Lincang, Yunnan 

National Investment Hotline:400 110 3366


A model enterprise of the complete industrial chain of Pu'er tea