Tea's Journey

Five feet to the width of the tea horse road, winding around the hill

Tea Mountain Tour

The company has successively established an ancient tea garden base, a primary factory, a refinery factory, and an ancient tea manor. Every year, it receives about 1,000 people to visit and study, including experts and scholars at home and abroad, industry professionals, business associations and tea lovers at all levels. Our company will deeply cultivate the Pu'er tea industry in Yunnan, help the promotion and dissemination of Pu'er tea, sort out the historical context of Pu'er tea development, establish the Pu'er Tea Museum, and build a large-scale integrated tea culture interactive experience leisure research tourism base in Lincang, Yunnan.

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 Yunchazhibang | From the foot of Three Daxueshan Mountains.

The benchmark brand of ancient tree pure material Pu'er tea, the model enterprise of the complete industry chain of Pu'er tea

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Yunchazhibang (Shenzhen) Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Experience Center: No. 17, Cuilinghuating, No. 3 New District Avenue, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Factory: No. 287, Laojie Village, Boshang Town, Lincang, Yunnan

Ancient Tea Manor: Dapingzhang Village, Daxueshan Town, Yongde County, Lincang, Yunnan 

National Investment Hotline:400 110 3366


A model enterprise of the complete industrial chain of Pu'er tea